Inventors and their inventions

Who invented it? Invention? When?
Thomas Allbutt Thermometer (medical) 1867
American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Co. Flashlight (torch) 1890s
Nicholas Francois Appert Heat-bottled food (glass container) 1804 (factory)
Ralph Baer Video games 1967
John Logie Bairdr Television 1926 (demonstration of moving object televised)
Bank of Stockholm Banknotes 1661
Frederick Banting & Charles Best Insulin 1921
Christiaan Barnard Heart transplants 1967
Paul Beiersdorf Adhesive plaster-covered bandages 1882
Alexander Graham Bell Telephone 1876
F. H. Bennett Dog biscuit 1908
Melitta Bentz Coffee filter paper 1908